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Otto Bock Orthopedics Ind. Inc.
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Sensor Speed Hand

Myoelectric controlled hand with
self adjusting grasp feature, variable
grip force and speed.

Vacuum assisted suspension

5280 Prosthetics SmartPuck Decompression Socket

The SmartPuck™ system is the industries first intelligent prosthetic limb socket system with Limb Decompression Technology. The SmartPuck can consistently reduce the air pressure on your limb. By reducing the air pressure on your limb vital fluids such as blood, lymph and nutrients to flow into the residual limb allowing for a significant improvement in the tissue health and circulation. SmartPuck is completely controlled from a smart device, allowing the user to have full control over socket fit.

Bionic Technology
The OSSUR Power Knee? 
The world’s first powered bionic
prosthesis for above-knee amputees,
the POWER KNEE offers unprecedented levels of functionality and performance.
This bionic knee replaces true muscle
activity to bend and straighten the
knee as required.
The RHEO Knee
Imagine a prosthetic knee
system so smart that it automatically adapts to an individual’s walking style and environment, learning
continuously and optimizing
control over time.

The world’s first intelligent foot module, the PROPRIO FOOT provides unprecedented physiological benefits
for transtibial amputees.
A wide and automated range of
ankle flexion with proven Flex-Foot dynamics means function is as
close as you can get today to the human foot.

Iceross Synergy
Supreme stability and comfort for active users and those who need stability.

Available with waves for easier flexing at the knee.

Otto Bock Genium & C-Leg

Certified Facility
for Long Island, New York

Microprocessor-controlled hydraulic
knee with swing & stance phase control
prosthesis from Otto Bock.

Custom Made High Definition Silicone Prostheses Available

Prostheses are now more durable &
stain resistant.
 – prostheses for finger, hand, foot , foot shell, leg cover, muscle atrophy filler  and other types available.

Touch Bionics
Touch Bionics I-Limb Bionic Hand

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Individual moving fingers.
*Certified Practitioner for Long Island, New York

The world’s most lifelike bionic hand
Myoelectric hand with 14 functional grip patterns
Walk Aide Certified Facility

Functional electrical stimulation, medical devices employing Myo-Orthotics Technology improve the functionality
of an impaired limb for better mobility and increased freedom. Designed for footdrop.

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Mediortho  M.4 OA

Functional knee orthosis providing stability and osteoarthritis  pressure relief for the active  patient 3-point off loader for varus/valgus pressure relief.Offers conservative treatment of complex ligamentous instability, particularly in combination with unilateral osteoarthritis



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