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Violin playing for Oriana utilizing her myoelectric prosthesis.

Mickey gets his new myoelectric arm

Dave demonstrates his gait with his above knee prostheses during one of our educational in-services.


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Cliff is excited about his new myoelectric arm.

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Tommy awaits his new ankle foot orthoses.

Molly in Brace My name is Molly, I am 9 1/2 years old and I have been wearing the brace since April.  When I first found out I needed to wear a brace I was so scared. Then we found out about the SpineCor brace. No one can believe I have a brace on until I show them. I play basketball, ride my bike and can do just about everything except swim with it on.  I wear it to school and to sleep, and it doesn’t bother me at all (My mom can’t believe it, she says the seam on my socks used to bug me!)  I stand so straight and my Dr. says I am doing wonderfully. Molly Backview

John’s C-leg allows him to continue the very
active lifestyle he had prior to his amputation.
John likes to bike, hike, ride his motorcycle as well as many other activities.  He is involved in educating others about the challenges he faced in getting
back to his active lifestyle and loves to show how advanced the C-leg technology is.

Kellen received his awesome myoelectric prosthesis
with skull and black background design.
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Kellen’s new prosthesis
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