Orthotic and prosthetic services are unique for each individual and can be quite extensive. It is important for the client to feel comfortable with the caliber and quality of services received. With over sixty years of combined experience at M. H. Mandelbaum Orthotic & Prosthetic Services, Inc. we feel confident providing the following services:

Prosthetic Services

– Artificial limbs, computerized, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic designs
– Ischial containment, flexible, suction and total contact sockets
– Genium, C- Legs, Rheo, Plie and other microprocessor controlled prostheses
– Energy storing feet, Ankle Joints, Rotators
– Ultra light weight geriatric components
– Heavy duty designed hydraulic knee units and other components
– Titanium, Carbon Fiber and Acrylic Resin Design
– Silicone Liners/Suspension Systems
– Upper Extremity Myoelectric, Hybrid & Cable Driven Systems
– Immediate Post Operative Prostheses (IPOP?s)

Orthotic Services

– Plastic KAFO, AFO, SMO, UCBL
– PHAT Braces
– Carbon AFO’s (Allard Blue Rocker, Toe Off, Kinetic Research, TruLife)
– Sure Step products
– Cascade DAFO products
– Reciprocating Gait Orthoses (Isocentric, Fillauer & ARGO )
– Spinal Orthoses (Scoliosis, Post Operative, and Fracture bracing)
– Knee Orthoses (C.Ti, Donjoy, Lenox Hill, Generation II)
– Cervical Orthoses (Miami J, Aspen Vista, SOMI, Minerva, etc.)
– Upper extremity orthoses (Thumb spica, wrist, tenodesis)
– Fracture Bracing (Custom and prefab all types)
– Foot Orthotics (Arch Supports, running, skiing, walking)
– Custom made and off the shelf orthopedic shoes

Diabetic / Wound Care

– Pressure reducing ankle foot orthoses (PRAFO)
– Diabetic shoes and inserts
– Custom Made Shoes
– Off loading shoes and inserts


– Post Mastectomy (Breast Prostheses and bras)


We pride ourselves in comprehensive evaluations; which may include gait analysis, muscle testing, range of motion and patient input regarding their needs, are used to help with proper formulation of orthotic and prosthetic prescriptions, and long term relationships established with our patients.

Fit and function of devices are warranted.  We are an American Board for Certification Practitioners and Facility with a full service laboratory used to fabricate and adjust devices with rapid turnaround times.

Please call 631 473 8668 or  email us info@mhmoandp.com about your specific needs or questions.

Revised: March 2020

3 Medical Drive, Suite C, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 / Phone: 631-473-8668